Removing the Decision Timer from The Walking Dead [PC]

The Walking Dead is a fantastic game. It is however somewhat difficult to play if English is not your first language or if you have reading difficulties, as the game often throws multiple choice answers in your face with barely any time to peruse them. Of course, that is how the game is supposed  to be played in an ideal world – but for some it simply makes the game inaccessible.

My girlfriend is Finnish and, although her English is superb, the extra step of translating these multiple choices eats up all of the allotted time and often leaves her frustrated that she is unable to give a truly considered answer. I quite seldom get to play games with my girlfriend, so when she expressed an interest in playing through The Walking Dead with me despite the language barrier, I thought I would try to find a way of disabling these timers for the sake of us both having a good time and being able to participate.

Thankfully the solution is simple, first of all you will need to download a program called Cheat Engine (which can be downloaded here). This software is able to tap into games that are running on your machine and inject code that can change the gameplay in any number of ways. The patch you need to disable the decision timers in TWD can be found on this forum (it’s the file named “WalkingDead101.CT”).

Finding the Walking Dead process

Finding the Walking Dead process

Install Cheat Engine as you would any other software, then launch it. Next launch your Walking Dead game and then Alt+Tab out of it once it has booted. Now, in Cheat Engine, go to
File – Open Process
and scroll around until you find your Walking Dead process, then open it. Now go to
and open that WalkingDead101.CT file. An option for Dialog Decision Timer will appear at the bottom of the window and marking the box will enable our “cheat”. You can now switch back into The Walking Dead to enjoy the infinite decision clock!

One problem this cheat has is that it will sometime prevent the game from progressing at certain points. If you suspect the game has got stuck then deactivate the cheat temporarily until you are past the problem area. Luckily the cheat has an in-game hotkey of F1 to toggle its activation state, there won’t be any in-game message to confirm it but it’s easy to keep track of as you only ever need to deactivate it for a few seconds. It’s nice to be able to switch it without having to Alt+Tab out every time, for sure.


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