Editing Custom Tournaments in SWOS

Sensible World of Soccer is a great old football game that seems to have a very dedicated following still to this day, and recently I decided to relive my childhood and give it a spin. I wanted to recreate the Brazil World Cup inside the custom tournament facility in-game, but I quickly found out that this was very difficult as it is not possible to choose what groups the teams you have chosen are placed into, meaning you can pick the 32 teams for the tournament but then they are placed in random groups – not good for a faithful reconstruction.

This problem was unreasonably irritating to me and I immediately began Googling around for a solution.  The forums for SWOS are rather old and obscure these days, but I was able to fix this issue after a short time thanks to this handy guide.  If you go and download Translhextion and follow that guide then you should find that you are able to create a tournament in which you can control what teams are in which groups, but there is one extra small thing that isn’t covered in that guide that I can share:

I found that I was being so careful to select the teams in the right order (read the guide to see what I mean) that I forgot to actually pick one as the player team, and as picking the teams is a bit laborious I thought that I found find the hex value in the .diy file that would allow me to change a team from AI to player controlled.  After making a couple of example tournaments, one with a player team and one without but otherwise identical, and comparing the hex files I found the relevant piece of information.  Find the name of the team you wish to change the status of (look in the right window in Translhextion) and choose the byte immediately before the first letter of the team name, if the team is set to be AI controlled this will read “01”.  To make this a player/coach team then simply change this value to “02” and save the file.  Easy.

Editing SWOS Custom Tournament .diy File


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